NOVEMBER 12, 2020 / online

DC Lab
Innovation Week

What is DC Lab?
Before anything, DC Lab is a community of designers, illustrators, video makers, photographers.
A creative community where anyone has an opportunity to create, collaborate, support each other and grow professionally
  • DC coworking spaces
    Two coworking spaces with equipment and licensed soft for graphics, design, editing, sound recording, shooting, and animation
  • DC events
    A series of events organized by DC Lab on a regular basis including artist talks, creative workshops, master-classes and case competitions
  • DC courses
    Courses on creative specialities such as graphic design, motion design, photography, video production and others
  • DC business
    A direction of DC Lab aimed to develop creative economy and entrepreneurship skills among freelancers, artists and creative community overall
Innovation Week DC Lab Program
November 12, 2020 | Online
Salavat Zhangalishev
Video production, director, DC Lab resident
Master class on mobile video editing
DC Lab staff
Online QUIZ with special prizes from DC Lab
Lunara Dossayeva
Photographer, DC Lab "Photography for beginners" course instructor, DC Lab resident
Master class on mobile photo editing
Participate in our fun QUIZ and have a chance to win some cool prizes from DC Lab!
Quiz starts at 19:45, November 12, and will be held on Zoom platform
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Upcoming events in DC Lab!
Everyday we work hard to organize interesting events and courses.
In December you can join us by participating in "Markethon 4.0" or "Graphic Design for beginners" course!
Composed from words "marketing" and "hackathon", Markethon 4.0 is a unique hackathon in a sphere of Digital Marketing that gathers big companies and creative community from CIS countries for 24 hours to solve cases and win awesome prizes!
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Online course "Graphic Design for beginners"!
The most popular course is coming back for the last time in this year! Stop waiting for 2021 to learn new skills, study now and create your first portfolio!
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We are located at: Mangilik el Ave, 55/14, Block C 2.2, office 3.30