About robot - project of the NURIS office of commercialisation

Did you know that the death rate from stroke in Kazakhstan is 239.9 per 100,000 people compared to 75.8 and 48 in Japan and the United States, respectively?
At the NURIS Commercialization Office, a project entitled "A low-cost robot assisted gait rehabilitation for stroke survivors" is being administered. Robot assisted rehabilitation therapy can help post-stroke patients. At the moment, Professor P. Jamval's team is working on the design of the robot; in the first six months of the project a prototype with a wooden frame has been assembled, at a later stage the frame will be made of aluminum.
Figures 1,2,3. Process of making a prototype robot with a wooden frame.
Our engineers from the Mashine shop will be involved at the next stages of the robot design.

It should also be noted that the project has received approval from the Committee of institutional ethics of scientific research of AEO Nazarbayev University for the use of this robot in rehabilitation.

There are similar robots called Lokomat® or Prodrobot®, but they cost about $150 000, while the price of our innovative robot will be around $20 000. Let's wish patience and success to the team in commercialization of the project ☺
The Technology Commercialization Office of Nazarbayev University Research and Innovation System provides financial and administrative support to projects with commercial potential to the market.