Scitech BootCamp 1.0 results
MSc/PhD students, postdoctoral students and young STEM scientists have taken the first step towards their business!
SciTech BootCamp 1.0 headliners
Entrepreneurs in Kazakhstan are the foundation of sustainable development
Armanzhan Baitasov
one of the founders of independent Kazakh media, owner of Forbes Kazakhstan, mentor of SciTech BootCamp 1.0
Team should not have founders from the same field, all participants should have diverse backgrounds and education that will lead the company forward, and also, "critical thinking is welcomed in this case"

Ramil Mukhoryapov
Head of Chocofamily, mentor of SciTech BootCamp 1.0
"Over time, everything changes: enemies and friends, technologies and your competencies, your interests. You have to learn and progress constantly, keep up with life"
quotes one of the headliners of our program in the course of his speech on topic "Roadmap to the beginning of an entrepreneurial career".

Murat Abdrakhmanov
venture investor, mentor SciTech BootCamp 1.0
Let's sum up the results of the first SciTech BootCamp stream - 5-day intensive course dedicated to the basics of technological entrepreneurship.
SciTech BootCamp program was attended by MSc/PhD students, researchers, and postdoctoral students in the field of STEM.

87 people

were accepted based on the selection results
36 participants

11 PhD, 15 MSc and 10 BSc students from such universities as Nazarbayev University, KBTU, KazNU, ENU, AUPET, KarSTU, KazATU, Satbayev University, KarSU, KazNMU, IITU and Moscow Aviation Institute
We would also like to note that over 50 applications were received from the NU community alone, and 17 of them successfully completed the SciTech BootCamp program.

What was the main feature of SciTech BootCamp 1.0?
SciTech Bootcamp program features the transfer of knowledge and skills in technology entrepreneurship: creativity, critical thinking, business modeling, customer discovery, key financial metrics, intellectual property, and building an effective team. We also developed entrepreneurial and business thinking, ability to find genuine insights from consumers and transform them into ideas, as well as the ability to turn new opportunities into commercial products earlier than others, relying on the knowledge of elders, communicate with them and gain wisdom, and try yourself in business. All of this is being implemented with participation and mentoring of real experts from leading companies and projects

Yerkebulan Baymukhambetov,
Senior Manager of the NURIS innovation community Department
All participants of educational course had an opportunity to ask their questions to the largest businessmen of our country, such as Armanzhan Baitasov, Murat Abdrakhmanov and Ramil Mukhoryapov. During their speech, headliners of our program shared their experience on business development, emphasized special importance of technology and science in the modern world, and availability of opportunities and tools for business today.

Alikhan Talipov,
Manager of Department on work with innovative community NURIS

SciTech BootCamp in visuals
Theory without practice does not lead to results. That is why we focused on simultaneous development of both theoretical and practical skills, including 6 lectures and 7 seminars in the case-study format, during which our participants had opportunity to consult with founders of technology startups such as Egistic (Zhandos Kerimkulov, NU SEDS), Cellular Therapy (Bolat Sultankulov, NU PhD Alumni), ReLive (Beibit Abdikenov, NU PhD Alumni), Wealtrix (Kairat Aitpayev, resident of NURIS Technopark), Optoculus (Arman Bayev, resident of NURIS Technopark) and Clockster (Yerzhan Ryskaliyev). Cases of the mentioned speakers are excellent examples of how the subject of research can turn into a knowledge-intensive business. Their company activities cover such areas as robotics, medicine, machine learning, agriculture, security systems and HR technologies.
digitalization is currently a popular direction in R&D
In addition, we discussed issues of technological development and R&D. Sergey Shibaev, guest expert at ERG, spoke on the importance of corporate innovation and opportunities for startups to interact with the industry, describing existing programs available to support startups by corporations. As Sergey Shibaev notes, digitalization is currently a popular direction in R&D and recommends paying attention to automation and modeling in the way of digitalization of your project.
Some excerpts from the reviews of participants of SciTech Bootcamp 1.0 program
Good organization, competent curators. Most of the speakers are very interesting individuals and professionals who provided with a lot of useful information
Open dialogue format — you could freely ask a question and get an answer directly from the speaker
Good time management, I learned about new initiatives that I didn't know before
SciTech Bootcamp is exactly the platform where you can invest in your technological idea and unlock its potential
We thank everyone who took an active part in SciTech Bootcamp 1.0 and wish you good luck in implementing your ideas!