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NURIS is engaged in the development of various areas of innovation, one of which is the protection of intellectual property
This means that the Sabi trademark is protected by law from unauthorized use
Recently, our startup Sabi (@sabi_colics) received a certificate of trademark (Certificate of trademark registration)

Indira Smagulova, the founder of the Sabi startup, together with the staff of the Center for Maternal and Child Health and Nazarbayev University, developed an innovative anti-colic belt. The mechanism integrated into the belt imitates massage and helps babies from 2 weeks to 6 months to eliminate discomfort from colic. The second belt contains cherry pits, packed in a special anti-allergenic material. It is enough to warm an ordinary microwave oven for 15-20 seconds so that the cherry bones provide a long comfortable thermal effect????????
If you want to register your trademark, please contact our intellectual property managers, Eurasian patent attorneys Madi Suyundukov and Zhalgas Tolybaev - contacts are listed on our website in the section "Commercialization Department"