Technopark is an innovative platform that brings together scientists, young entrepreneurs, business, leading experts and investors in order to commercialize the results of innovation activities, as well as ensure returns on investment.
Advantages and opportunities for residents
We provide all necessary conditions for companies to address key issues of activity without being disturbed by additional tasks.

Residents can make use of a wide offer of services provided by us at any time.

- scientists and experts
- entrepreneurs and investors
- mentors
- technical specialists
- qualified managers
- venture funds and business angels
- access to funding
- market entry
- Investors search
- Seminars and master classes
- Scientific conferences and round tables
- Exhibitions, competitions
- Hackathons, markethons, makeathons
Business Services
- Patent searches and research
- Registration of trademarks
- Accounting and educational services
- Notarial and legal services
Technological services
- Experimental shop
- Fabrication laboratory
- Digital Creativity Lab
- Office rooms
- Laboratory premises
- Experimental production premises
- Clean rooms - wet rooms

Technopark is for someone aiming to develop its ideas
Who could be a resident of Technopark?
Corporate R & D centers
Development Companies
Service Companies
Research Institutes (Scientific Research Institutes)
High-tech Companies
Priority activities of companies to be
placed in Technopark
Energy and Energy
Information and Communication
Medicine, Biotechnology
and Biomedicine
New Materials
Design and Production

17 residents
high-tech companies in the field of biotechnology, IT, green technologies
100+ events
more than 100 events are held annually in the Technopark: forums, presentations, lectures and master classes with the participation of international experts and much more
2300 м²
total area of the pilot Technopark
546 м²
office and laboratory premisses
Infrastructure of Technopark
Residents of Technopark are provided with services by service units for free or with discount
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Become a resident of Technopark
We provide to rent space for your high-tech business development. Technopark and offices of Block S4 are a unique platform for the work of scientists, businessmen, innovative companies and service organizations.

We invite you to become a resident of Technopark!
Technopark is open to inventors,
professionals and businessmen!
Are you engaged in innovative business and are aimed at further development?

Do you have interesting ideas or projects that require scientific, academic or technical support?
Residents of Technopark
Residents of Technopark are provided with services by subdivisions free of charge or at a discount.
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We are open-minded and ready for joint projects and new ideas

Our e-mail: sciencepark@nu.edu.kz
Techopark Manegement
Kuanysh Taishibekov
Director of Technopark
+7 7172 69 47 72
Elina Zholdashaliyeva
Project Administrator of Technopark
+7 7172 69 47 67