Special economic zone «ASTANA-TECHNOPOLIS»
Инновационный кластер Назарбаев Университета –
это идеальное место для развития высокотехнологичного бизнеса
Special economic zone «ASTANA-TECHNOPOLIS»
The Special Economic Zone "Astana-Technopolis" Was Created by the Decree of the Government of the Republic of Kazakhstan in 2017 until 2042. The Area of the Special Economic Zone is 631,92 hectares and Includes 3 Sites, one of which is 151.32 ha Located on the Territory of Nazarbayev University.
Objectives of SEZ "Astana-Technopolis":
1) Innovative Development of Astana by Attracting Investments, Using Existing and Attracted Advanced Technologies and Know-hows, Creating Modern Infrastructure;

2) Creation of High-tech and Competitive Manufacturing sites;

3) Accelerated Development of New Technologies, Further Improvement of Organizational, Economic and Social Conditions for Conducting Research, Developing New Technologies, and their Commercialization.

Map of SEZ
Tax and Customs Benefits Provided for Companies Located on the Territory of the Special Economic Zone:
  • Corporate Tax - 0%
  • Property Tax - 0%
  • Customs Duties - 0%
  • Land Tax - 0%
  • Rent for Land - 0 tenge
  • VAT - 0%
Organizational work
Office of SEZ supports:

  • Participation in the Development Plan and Marketing Strategy of the SEZ;
  • Implementation of Events to Develop and Promote the SEZ;
  • Search and Selection of Projects;
  • Assistance to Potential Participants in the Application Process;
  • Interaction with Government Organizations, the Managing Companies and Other Organizations on the Promotion of the Participants of SEZ;
  • Monitoring the Implementation of Projects in the SEZ.
1. Compliance of the Declared Type of Activity with Priority Activities of SEZ
2. Compliance with the Main Criteria for Selecting Projects (Mandatory):

  • absence of overdue debts on bank loans
  • absence of debts on taxes and other payments to the budget



  • applying special tax regimes
  • applying (applied) investment tax
  • investment priority project and an
1. applicant's profile in the form approved by the authorized body;
2. certificate of state registration (re-registration) of the company;
3. copy of the identity document of the first head of the applicant;
4. copy of the company's charter;
5. copy of the decision of the supreme management body of the company on the implementation of activities in the SEZ;
6. copy of the financial statements for the last reporting date;
7. Project feasibility study; When applying for an activity as a member of a special economic zone in the information and communication and innovation technologies industry, the project should be justified;
8. statement of the servicing bank on the movement of money on the applicant's bank accounts and a credit report from the credit bureau;
9. certificate from the state revenue office at the place of registration of the existence or absence of tax arrears and other mandatory payments to the budget;
1) production of other food products;

2) production of products of flour-grinding and cereals industry, starch and starch-containing products;

3) production of pharmaceuticals;

4) manufacture of glass and glass products;

5) production of abrasive products and other non-metallic mineral products;

6) production of other metal tanks, tanks and containers;

7) manufacture of other metal products;

8) manufacture of computer equipment and periferial;

9) production of equipment for irradiation, electromedical and electrotherapeutic equipment;

10) production of electric motors, generators, transformers of electric distribution and regulating equipment;

11) manufacture of electric lighting equipment;

12) manufacture of electrical wiring and electrically conductive devices;

13) the production of machinery and equipment not elsewhere classified;

14) production of general purpose machines;

15) warehousing and auxiliary transport activities;

16) software production;

17) computer programming, consulting and other related services;

18) activities in the field of architecture, engineering, technical testing and analysis;

19) research and development;

20) public health activities;

21) other health care activities;

22) construction and commissioning of infrastructure facilities, as well as facilities designed specifically for the implementation of the activities specified in subparagraphs 1) to 22) of this paragraph.

23) construction of administrative and residential complexes, higher and secondary educational institutions, a multifunctional covered boulevard;

24) pharmaceutical production;

25) production of medical and dental instruments and supplies;

26) construction of buildings, civil engineering and specialized construction work
Application /Participation in SEZ
Всего 17 дней с момента подачи заявки
Application Registration >
Check for Completeness of Documents >
Checking for Compliance Activities >
Within 10 days, the contract is concluded on the implementation of activities between the BMS and the applicant. On the day of conclusion of the contract shall notify the authorized body with a copy of the contract. Or reject the applicant's contract in case of non-compliance of the claimed activity, project selection criteria, and (or) the documents submitted.
The authorized body (MID RK) within 5 days makes information about the SEZ participant in the register of participants of the SEZ and notifies about it "Astana-Technopolis"
"Astana-Technopolis" within 2 days from the date of the conclusion of the contract notifies the state revenue bodies
The state revenue bodies, after receiving the notification,
register the SEZ participant

On the basis of the contract, the SEZ participant stopes the activity of its structural units outside the SEZ
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